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About Me

Influential and motivated team player with a professional, hard-working attitude. Combines good communication skills with the ability to convey alternative solutions with creative flare. Sympathetic to customer needs. Forward thinking whilst striving to improve in both ability and expertise. Always willing to support, mentor and advise my peers.

After leaving Bournemouth Art College I started work at Plessey as a Technical Illustrator. Early projects of significance were Ptarmigan the British Army's mobile communications network, and Bowman which was to replace Ptarmigan.

When I left Plessey I went to work for Mapline Engineering. At Mapline a mix of CAD and Ink-on-film illustration was their primary output. This took full advantage of my newly acquired skills gained at Plessey and those i learnt at college. Traditional cutaway and exploded illustration techniques were employed. On the CAD side, work was mainly for the British Aerospace Jetstream small commercial aircraft. The other major work was the RAF Nimrod refit program which required Ink-on-film.

In 1993 I went back to Plessey which had now changed to Siemens Plessey Defence, the job had changed becoming a mix of graphics and illustrations with the odd PowerPoint presentation.

95' the business changed again becoming BAE SYSTEMS. The main body of work deviated towards 3D models and visuals using 3DS Max, Photoshop image manipulation and video production/post-production using tools like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Avid.

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My Philosophy

Graphic design is not about personal expression. It's not about scoring high on some standard of aesthetics either. It's about solving communication problems. My creativity lies in how I solve them.

The core of what I offer as a designer or a lead creative is problem-solving. When I take on a project, I like to ask many abstract questions up front. For my clients and colleagues, this process can be frustrating; some of them can’t see the point of it. The most important question for me is always this: Why do you need to communicate it in the first place?

My Skill Set

Over 20 years experience in communications, sales and marketing, and advertising.

Multi skilled

Good attention to detail

Strong branding & corporate identity