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More About Me

In 2005 we became Selex ES a Finmeccanica company which has its head offices in Italy. Corporate Identity and branding are a pivitol part of my job art of my jobs, this envolves the production of large volumes of data sheets, brochures and exhibition material.

The most important thing to me is my family, I have a young son and watching him growing up is amazing. I also love football, luckily I'm still able to play but when I'm not I support AFC Bournemouth and Manchester United. Other interests include photography, architecture, movies, military history, model making and a bit of DIY.

My Philosophy

Graphic design is not about personal expression. It's not about scoring high on some standard of aesthetics either. It's about solving communication problems. My creativity lies in how I solve them.

The core of what I offer as a designer or a creative lead is problem-solving. When I take on a project, I like to ask many abstract questions up front. For my clients and colleagues, this process can be frustrating; some of them can’t see the point of it. The most important question for me is always this: Why do you need to communicate it in the first place?


My Skill Set

Over 20 years experience in communications, marketing and advertising.

Multi skilled

Good attention to detail

Strong branding & corporate identity